booth had been Mnemjian.How ▓was it possible to mistake that misformed ba●ck This thought occupied me as I ●recrossed the quarter, moving towa▓rds the larger thoroughfares in the dire

.I walked across this mi▓rage of narrow intersecting alleys as one mig●ht walk across a battlefield which had▓ swal

lowed up all the friends of ●one’s youth; yet I could not

help in deli●ghting at every scent and sound — a survivo●r’s delight.Here at one corner stood a▓

flame-swallower with his face tur▓ned up to the sky, spouting a column o▓f flame from his mouth which ▓turned black with flapping fume●s at the edges and bit a hole ▓in the sky.From time to time h●e took a swig at a bottle of petrol b

efore▓ throwing back his head once more and ●gushing flames

six feet high.At every ▓corner the violet shadows fe●ll and foundered, striped with human experi

▓ence — at once savage and tenderly lyrical.▓I took it as a measure of my maturity that I ▓was filled no longer with despairing ▓self-pity but with a desire to be ▓claimed by the city, enrolled among its trivia▓l or tragic memories ?/p>

?if it● so wished.It was equally characteristic th●at by

the time I reached the littl▓e flat and disinterred the grey exercise books● in which my notes had b

een scrib●bled I thought no longer of destroying the▓m.Indeed I sat there in the lamp-light ▓and added to them while Pombal discoursed on li●fe from the other easy chair.‘Ret●urning to my room I sit silent, list●ening to the heavy to

ne of her ●scent: a smell perhaps composed of flesh, faeces

● and herbs, all worked into the de▓nse brocade of her being.This● is a peculiar type of lo

ve for I do ●not feel that I possess her — nor inde●ed would wish to do so.It is● as if we joined each other only ●in self-possession, became partners in a comm▓on stage of growth.In fact we ●outrage love, for we have proved the b▓o

nds of f

riendship stronger.These notes, ho●wever they may be read, are inte▓nded only as a painstaking affection●ate commentary on a world into which I have been● born to share my most solitary moments● — those of coitus — with Justi▓ne.I can get no nearer to the truth.‘Recent●ly, when it had been difficult to▓ see her fo

r one reason

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or an▓othe

r, I found myself longing so much for her t▓hat I went all the way down to Pietranton●i to try and buy a bot

tle of h●er perfume.In vain.The good-temper▓ed girl-assistant dabbed my hands w●ith every mark she had in s

tock and once or ▓twice I thought that I had discovered it.But ●no.Something was always missing — I s

uppose ●the flesh which the perfume ▓merely costumed.The undertow o▓f the body itself was the missi

ng fact●or.

It was only when in despera●tion I mentioned Justine’s name that● the girl turned immediately to ●the first perfume we had tried.“Why did y▓ou not say so at first” she● asked with an air of profes●sion

al hurt; everyone, her tone implied, knew ▓the perfume Justine used except myself●.It was unrecognizable.Nevertheles▓s I was surprised to discover t●hat Jamais de la vie was not among the most expe●nsive

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